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Bring the magic of Digital Tools to your online classroom, I'll show you how! 

Coaching and Support to Learn ManyCam with a Professional Online Teacher and Technology Trainer

Are you teaching online? Outschool? Online Preschool? Independent Coach? Course Creator? Tutoring? VIPKID? ESL Company?

Read on, you are in the right place!

What is ManyCam? I bet you are like, huh??....

ManyCam is webcam software💻. It controls your webcam to change the image seen in video conferencing, videos, online classroom software like VIPKid, Zoom, Google Meets, Streamyard, and more.

Here it is....(simplified)...anywhere you use a webcam, you can MANYCAM!😊 HA HA! 

I keep my eyes and face visible to my students while presenting and showing Google Slides. You can present any area of your computer screen and keep yourself front and center.

I use ManyCam to play Youtube videos and sing and dance along with my students. This is such a winner with kids. 

ManyCam has a white board space and you can write on the screen. Yep, you've got fonts, colors, and stickers too!

Digital Tools are your next thing in your Teacher Tool BOX....

Work with me and you'll see change, promise!

👍Classes held in August👍

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ManyCam in 6: Beginner

-6 training building blocks of step-by-step videos in a DATABASE

(40 videos total, Lifetime of the course access to videos to help and support)

-6 HOURS of group classes (recorded if you can't attend)

-6 HOURS of Office Hours Drop support with Amanda Panda Teacher and Teacher Hal

-Accountability. Support, and Action Steps to get it done!

Classes in August, Get on this for $87.00

Student Testimonial:

"I am generally not a techie kind of person, so I was concerned that learning ManyCam would be too challenging. I also was not sure if I would enjoy using this type of technology in the classroom. However, you made the learning fun and interesting, took time to break the course into manageable steps ensuring our success." 

Mary M. 

What's Inside the 40 Step-By-Step Videos?

Short, quick to the point tutorials are included and organized for you!

You don't have to watch an HOUR LONG YouTube tutorial for what you want to learn, it's all in here!

Getting Started with ManyCam


  • Some Tech Basics to Help You
  • Lesson 1- Controls and Walk through
  • Lesson 2- Draw and Text, Time, Lower Thirds
  • Lesson 3- Troubleshooting Tips

Presets and Effects


  • Lesson 1- Creating Presets
  • Lesson 2- Creating Presets with Links and Images
  • Lesson 3- Using Effects, organizing effects, getting effects
  • Extra: Setting up ManyCam in your VIPKID Classroom
  • Extras: Using Canva for Creation of Images and Effects
  • Extras: Using Google Slides for Creation of Images and Effects

Interactive Rewards with Slides


  • Lesson 1- Setting up the Preset to Display 101
  • Extra Lesson: Hot Keys to switch between Presets
  • Lesson 2- FB Groups and Resources for Rewards
  • Lesson 3- How to Set up Interactive Google Slide Rewards
  • Extra lesson: VIPKID Teacher, Google Slides Slide Kick App
  • Extra lesson: Google Slides Planner from Google Slides Group-ADVANCED

Using ManyCam for Teaching 


  • Lesson 1- Classroom Conversation Cards-  (effects as teaching tools)
  • Lesson 2- Google Slides and PPT for Teaching and Rewards ADVANCED
  • Lesson 3- Linktree for Resources-GS.

Green Screen and Virtual Background


  • Lesson 1- Green Screen Set up Basics
  • Lesson 2- Green Screen in the Classroom
  • Lesson 3- Virtual Backgrounds with effects
  • Extra Lesson: Organize, Get, and Use Green Screen Backgrounds DEMO
  • Extra lesson: How to use Green Screen in VIPKID platform and others

Digital Classes that are FUN and Fabulous


  • Lesson 1- Green Screen Magic Pocket Trick
  • Lesson 2-  Using Effects to Play Tic Tac Toe
  • Lesson 3- Animated Backgrounds with GIFs

CUE the Confetti, you get two Awesome BONUSES Videos TOO!

Bonus 1

Bonus Training: Using Audio and Media Including YouTUBE with ManyCam

In this bonus training, you'll learn how to set up audio in ManyCam and then stream and play YouTube videos in your online classroom. I'll show you how to add sound effects in MP3 files too! This helpful bonus includes step by step set up for audio and video in ManyCam.

Bonus 2

Bonus Training: Using your Mobile Phone and ManyCam

Learn how to use your mobile phone app and ManyCam together. The possibilties are endless. You can use the ManyCam app to display your phone camera to your virtual teaching spaces. It's like having your own demonstration camera or document camera.

"Learning a new technology tool for teachers can be so  intimidating. Sometimes a YouTube video just can't do it! It takes patience, a clear plan, and a knowledgeable helper to get you past initial set up to using it with confidence. If you are ready to learn.....let me be your coach."


Amanda Panda Teacher

Huge Wins from PAST STUDENTS

This is a game changer for adding interest to your classes and ease in presenting props and rewards. Even if you are tech handicapped this course will help you in every way. I highly recommend it if you want to up your game!

Linda S.

👍Learn ManyCam and Use It!👍

Classes held in August, Choose dates at check out

ManyCam in 6: Beginner

-6 training building blocks of step-by-step videos in a DATABASE

(40 videos total, Lifetime of the course access to videos to help and support)

-6 HOURS of group classes (recorded if you can't attend)

-6 HOURS of Office Hours Drop support with Amanda Panda Teacher and Teacher Hal

-Accountability. Support, and Action Steps to get it done!

August Training Dates for $87

Here's what past students say about ManyCam in 6:

"The best part of the course was the step-by-step walk through online. So many courses seem to start at a level beyond "I know nothing." Amanda walked us through right from step one. Fantastic!"

Kristen B. 


"You are awesome, Amanda! I was a student in your ManyCam Kindergarten and it was definitely money well spent! The value you provided to us ManyCam users in the virtual classroom is phenomenal! I really appreciate how you broke everything down to smaller bite size pieces and helped us put them together in our virtual classroom. I also really enjoyed all the training sessions that I was able to attend. Even then I learned so much from the pre recorded video trainings plus the recorded meeting sessions and that helped so much with my confidence in using ManyCam! I have had the ManyCam software for more than a year on my MacBook and only just learned how to use it fully thanks to you and your patient guidance! Thank you!"

Loretta H.


"The best part of the course was the zoom sessions and the ability to ask questions and have you answer them and walk us through our problems and issues."

Kara C.


Frequently Asked Questions


Hey Panda Friend, here's some juicy details about me...

🐼I am a Professional Online Teacher and teach the most amazing crew of students with my online ESL company, VIPKid. I've taught over 4500 classes with raving reviews.

🐼I hold a teaching certificate in my state and worked as a brick and mortar teacher for fifteen years. I taught grades one to four.

🐼I have a Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction (basically how to teach and what to teach). Cool, huh??

🐼I have worked for six years teaching technology tools as a Google Certified Trainer.

🐼I work for Computer Using Educators in my home state of California and train teachers using online tools all across California.

🐼I am the perfect person to make a difficult technology tool, easy. I am the most patient teacher and I just LOVE beginners.

🐼I am an ETSY seller, TPT-Teacher's Pay Teachers, and small business owner. I craft resources for online teachers.

🐼I love Pandas, chocolate, tacos, swimming, and traveling. My kids best lives are in hotels, condos, and our RV.


Sample Video from the Course

Includes a Class Clip

Interview with a  ManyCam User

Teacher Melissa